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Town Council

Annual Town Council Meeting

Monday, May 15, 2023

7:00 PM

Council Chamber, Old Courthouse, Jaycroft Rd, Burnham-on-Sea, TA8 1LE


You are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Town Council meeting.

Buildings doors will be opened at 6.45 pm

Councillors, please remember to bring your computer tablet.

Yours sincerely

Katherine Noble
Town Clerk

Public Participation
A public participation session will now be held before the meeting starts. Anyone wishing to speak on any matters should give notice of the request and subject matter to the Town Clerk no later than midday on the last working day prior to the meeting. Public participation shall be restricted to the public participation session, unless directed otherwise by the Chairman. In accordance with standing orders the public participation time will not exceed 15 minutes in total with no individual speaker exceeding 3 minutes.

Agenda documents

Agenda items

  1. 42.0.T23
    Election of the Mayor for the ensuing year and to receive the declaration of acceptance
  2. 43.0.T22
    To receive apologies for non-attendance
  3. 44.0.T23

    Unless granted a dispensation, a councillor with voting rights shall not participate in discussion or vote on a matter in which they have an interest and shall withdraw from the meeting during discussion of the matter.

  4. 45.0.T23
    Election of Deputy Mayor for the ensuing year and to receive the declaration of acceptance of office
  5. 46.0.T23
    Election of Mayor's Representative for the ensuing year and to receive the declaration of acceptance of office
  6. 47.0.T23

  7. 48.0.T23
    Matters arising from previous minutes
  8. 49.0.T23
    To receive the outgoing Mayor's report
  9. 50.0.T23

  10. 51.0.T23
    To receive any reports from Somerset Councillors
  11. 52.0.T23

    Draft minutes have been circulated by email & added to the website
    Finance and Resources Committee - 13th March and 24th April
    Burial Board Committee - 15th March
    Town Improvements Committee- 20th March
    Planning Committee - 22nd March, 12th April and 3rd May
    Princess Management - 11th May

  12. 53.0.T23

  13. 53.0.T23
    To receive reports from town councillor representatives appointed to outside bodies
  14. 54.0.T23

  15. 55.0.T23


    Human Resources Sub Committee 

    Town Improvements 

    Finance and Resources 

    Princess Management Committee 


  16. 56.0.T23

    NALC Coastal Communities Network - 1
    Highbridge Festival of Art - 2
    Somerset Association of Local Councils 1 (with the clerk)
    Town Twinning – Fritzlar (German) - The Mayor is Patron to the Society
    Highbridge Community Hall Management Committee - 2
    Sedgemoor Cycle Group - 2
    BAY Centre - 2
    Friends of the Princess Group - 1
    Sedgemoor Community Partnership (Morland Hall) - 1
    Sea Cadet Corps - 1
    Air Training Corps - 1
    Hinkley Point Community Forum - 1
    Burnham Chamber of Trade - 1
    Burnham & Highbridge Abbeyfield Society - 1
    67 Bus Forum - 1 (with the RFO)
    Rural Services Network - 1
    Seed Arts Panel 1
    BiARS Management Committee - 1
    Abbeyfield - 1
    Highbridge Festival for Arts - 1
  17. 57.0.T23

  18. 59.0.T23

  19. 60.0.T23

  20. 61.0.T23

  21. 62.0.T23

  22. 64.0.T23

  23. 65.0.T23

  24. 66.0.T23
    Date of next Meeting - 27th June 2023