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Planning Committee

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

7:00 PM

Council Chamber, Old Courthouse, Jaycroft Rd, Burnham-on-Sea, TA8 1LE

Cllr Alasdair Elrick

You are hereby summoned to attend the next meeting of the Planning Committee. 
Councillors - please remember to bring your computer tablet.
**Yours sincerely

 Katherine Noble
 Town Clerk 

  Public participation
A public participation session will now be held before the meeting starts. Anyone wishing to speak on any matters should give notice of the request and subject matter to the Town Clerk no later than midday on the last working day prior to the meeting. Public participation shall be restricted to the public participation session, unless directed otherwise by the Chairman. In accordance with standing orders the public participation time will not exceed 15 minutes in total with no individual speaker exceeding 3 minutes.

Agenda documents

Agenda items

  1. 41.0.P23
    Apologies for non-attendance
  2. 42.0.P23

    Unless granted a dispensation, a councillor with voting rights shall not participate in discussion or vote on a matter in which they have an interest and shall withdraw from the meeting during discussion of the matter.

  3. 43.0.P23

    There shall be no discussion about the draft minutes of a preceding meeting except in relation to their accuracy

  4. 44.0.P23

    Prior to the meeting, any councillor member of the committee wishing to provide an announcement should first liaise with the chairman.

  5. 45.0.P23

    ++ https://www.sedgemoor.gov.uk/planningonline++

  6. 45.1.P23

    Proposal: Retention of the existing vehicular access/parking.
    Location: 23 Huntspill Road, Highbridge

  7. 45.2.P23

    Proposal: Proposed replacement of plant machinery on the roof and increase the height of shield screen to the South and West elevations.

    Location: Asda, Caxton Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3BX


  8. 45.3.P23

    Proposal: Change of use of former shop unit to form part of existing dwelling.
    Location: 15 Church Street, Highbridge

  9. 45.4.P23

    Proposal: Erection of 1no. dwelling with access, parking & amenity.
    Location: Burnham Glass & Windows, 57B Victoria Street, Burnham On Sea


  10. 45.5.P23

    Proposal: Subdivision of ground floor commercial unit into 2no. units, change of use and conversion of remainder of building from commercial to 5no. residential apartments, including a first and second floor rear extension.
    Location: 11 Regent Street, Burnham On Sea


  11. 45.6.P23

    Proposal: Demolition of porches to the East and West elevations and detached garage, with the erection of single storey side (West) and rear (South) extension (revised scheme).
    Location: 28 Rectory Drive, Burnham On Sea


  12. 46.0.P23

    This is an application to amend condition 32 of the original outline application (11/19/00003) for the erection of up to 248 dwelling. The condition currently states that:-
    No more than 100 dwellings of the development hereby permitted shall be occupied or brought into use unless either;
    - Improvement works at M5 J22/A38 Edithmead roundabout, comprising the full signalisation of the A38 Edithmead roundabout, have been implemented in full and are open to traffic; or
    - An alternative scheme is proposed by the applicant and implemented in full to ensure that the predicted traffic effects at M5 J22 caused by the development are mitigated to at least the same extent as (a). This alternative scheme is to be agreed in writing by the Planning Authority in consultation with Highways England, Somerset County Council and Sedgemoor District Council.
    This application seeks to change this to allow up to 200 dwellings to be occupied before the improvement works are implemented. Since the Town Council commented (objection attached) we have agreed a way forward with the applicant and National Highways to bring forward funding such that the improvements could be delivered much earlier. National Highways have confirmed that they do not object to the proposed change as the agreements that have been reached would in any event deliver the improvements well before the 200th occupation.
    I attach a letter from the applicant which outlines the position and confirmation from National highways that they no longer object.
    This being the case can I ask that the Town Council consider their position and confirm if they wish to maintain their objection?

  13. 47.0.P23

    Please find attached letter and drawings in respect of the proposed telecommunications upgrade at the above site.

  14. 48.0.P23

  15. 49.0.P23

  16. 50.0.P23
    The next meeting of this committee will be held on Wednesday 14th June 2023 at 7pm